It’s our anniversary!

Still can’t believe I’m married, and I still can’t believe that it happened a year ago!

Our SDE by StillMotion.

I still have flashbacks to that day every now and then, and honestly, I don’t think I would have changed anything. So what has changed since? One thing that changed almost immediately, is that Nick now calls me “honey”. I know it may not seem like a big thing, but I think it’s sweet. He used to call me “babes”… which I still like, but honey sounds soo much better. And the weird thing is, I don’t even think he realized when he started saying it… it just happened!

Nick has planned something big for our anniversary, don’t ask me what, cuz I don’t know… I was just given instructions to pack for two days, and to bring my skates. If you know me, I’m not good with secrets, so my next question was, do I need my passport? His answer was a blank stare. Hmmmrph!

I’m gonna bring it anyways, just in case.

Love you lots Nikko, Happy Anniversary babes!

… you can keep up with our shenanigans over at our “new” blog… Lovebirds Nesting.

In Love…

Read: I’m overweight; according to Wii Fit. I’m 5’6” and weigh 167 pounds. My BMI is 27%.  This of course is a far cry from how I looked when I met Nick back in 2005, I was a size 4 and a mere 142 pounds.

Holy exposure Batman!  Nick was playing around with the settings…
Lets just call this the “before” pic

I ran into some health issues around 2006 and my weight increased to 155… and it didn’t stop there, by our wedding, I was hovering around the 162 pound range! That’s right; I gained 20 damn pounds in 4 years! Now I’m hovering around 167, and it was here when I said, enough is enough!

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Nick and I had an awesome time in Victoria/Seattle. We were privy to a great tour of the HMCS Algonquin (sorry no pics are allow on a war ship), but I did capture this pic in the ward room of the Coors beer cans that change colour when it’s cold. I arrived in Victoria with a little chip on my shoulder after the news about the Coors billboards that claims their beer is “colder than the people in Toronto”.

IMG_0219[1]iphone pic

I was already to wear my Maple Leafs jersey on board the airplane to show my pride, but I didn’t want to lug home a big hockey sweater. Besides, I was already over packed as it was… I just made the maximum allowed, 50lbs… right on the dot.

I tried to keep a journal of the trip, which turned out to short bullet form notes. Oh well, I tried right? Here’s how my trip went down:

CAUTION… mad pics after the jump… it’s true , I have no discretion…

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Makeup:  Michelle from M•A•C

Grade:  A+

Loved, loved, LOVED the make-up.  I ended buying all of the make-up used (in the weeks prior to the wedding) so I could master the look.  So subtle, yet so chic!  I’ll admit it though, I’ve strayed once in our 3 year relationship… I had to have my makeup done for an after work dinner party downtown late last year 🙂

Michelle is gonna do my makeup for my post wedding shots, which quickly turned into our anniversary photos (I gain a little extra weight while in Victoria).  I’m thinking of going for a smokey eye… never done that before!

Thanks again Michelle!

Stationer:  Winggleam Studios

Grade:  A+++

One of the most important people of the day… you know what they say, how the invite sets the tone of the celebration yadda, yadda, yadda… My big sis from Winggleam Studios did just that.  She’s a freelance photog/graphic artist based in the UK.  Which worked perfectly for me, cuz any changes that needed to be done were ready for my approval the next morning.

I learned a lot about desk top publishing by working on these invites with my sis.  I definitely had my “vision” on how I wanted them to look like, but  she executed it with such professionalism! Everyone loved the way the invites turned out and all of the little details throughout the night… from the idea for the wish bowl note cards, to the photo seating chart.  Can you believe she whipped that out in less than 10 minutes?  She’s just that good!

Our note cards from the wish bowl

Guess what! I finished my post on the trip to Victoria, but just realized I didn’t upload the pics to flickr. Will do so tonight, in the mean time, peep these pics from my iPhone.

Click on the image to enlarge the pic.

Victoria Harbour

Our hotel in Seattle

Nick’s purchase at Banana Republic

My purchase at J.Crew & Gap

Part 1 over here

The next day, we up up bright and early for our “Mayan Encounter” tour.

WARNINGvery pic intensive after the jump!

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